Create Don't Capture
Create Don't Capture Book by Eric Thayne

Learn How To Be An Influential Creator And Make Millions From Your Message

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Grow your personal brand with video content

This isn't just another book about content creation. This is about understanding the essence of being a content creator in today's age. In Create Don't Capture, author, entrepreneur, and filmmaker Eric Thayne shares not only how to build your brand, create compelling content, go viral, and monetize your message, but it also goes much deeper. By the end of this book, you'll understand how to dive to the deepest levels of your creativity and make the subtle shift from simply creating content to truly becoming a creator.

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Create Don't Capture Book by Eric Thayne

For the creator in all of us

If you're a dreamer, a builder, an entrepreneur, or a creator (or you want to be), then this book is for you. If you have a vision you want to create and a message you want to share, in these pages you'll learn how. If you're already creating content, but it isn't growing the way you want, or you're ready to monetize your passion, this guide is your key.

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A book by Eric Thayne

Eric Thayne is an entrepreneur and content creator, and founder of Celadora Studios, a media agency that helps brands build massive reach and authority through video content. Eric and his team have generated hundreds of millions of views for clients and have had their content featured in some of the most prestigious online media channels in the world.

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